Our Philosophy

To promote life-long health through patient-centered, clinically excellent dental care.


Our practice exists to help children and adults enjoy happier and healthier lives through optimum oral health and dental aesthetics. Thus, we deliver exceptional preventive and restorative dental care with full attention to our patients’ individual needs.

We are a team of highly-skilled, ethical, self-motivated individuals who enthusiastically provide outstanding care in a welcoming, comfortable and friendly environment. We are honest, open and approachable and have mutual respect for one another. As life-long learners, we continually work to improve our clinical and interpersonal skills so we can provide our patients with the high-quality experiences they deserve.


Because we carefully consider the needs, wants and aspirations of our patients, we provide targeted, individualized care. We strive to thoroughly appreciate each patient’s oral health goals and address them through relationship-based, clinically excellent dentistry. We place a distinct emphasis on each patient’s physical and financial comfort.

Our patients value the extraordinary dental care we provide. Thus, they honor us by enthusiastically recommending our services to their friends and families. By cultivating relationship-based, health-care partnerships with our patients, we enhance the connectedness and vitality of Woodstock and the Upper Valley.