Nature Photography

Change your perception of dentistry.

“While designing our office at The Mill, my wife and I recognized we could integrate my photography interests with our patient-centered design goals. Above the headrest of each patient chair you will notice a video monitor. These monitors present a slide-show of photographs randomly drawn from a database of approximately 1100 photographs taken by me and 100 by Mary Holland (a terrific photographer, writer and chronicler of nature).On a daily basis these photographs fascinate and delight our patients, create increased comfort during treatment, and bring the natural world into our office.”  – Dr. Knott

More about my photography:

My wife and I often walk our dogs, and I usually carry a camera with me because we live in a beautiful place. While we’re out, my goal is to decipher what is interesting, beautiful, and surprising about what we see. This continually challenges me to stay present and be aware of what’s around us and the subtle daily changes that occur in very familiar landscapes. As an added benefit, this makes every outing a possible adventure.

Over the last few years, I notice that I struggle to adequately capture the beauty and scale of large landscapes. In response, I’ve grown more fascinated by finding and recording the detail in the elemental, miniature landscapes that construct the grand scale. These landscapes could include a rock face, a newt crawling across the road, our at-home gardens or a snow drift. Sometimes, I enjoy taking these elements out of their context, which I hope encourages the viewer to question what he or she is seeing.

I’m as fascinated by contrast either in light or in texture as I am by saturation either in color or in form. I don’t manipulate the subject while capturing an image or later with image processing software or cropping. If anything, I try to alter my vantage point and the physical controls of the camera to capture what I find interesting.

I’m grateful for the very positive response I’ve received from patients who have seen our in-office, ceiling slideshows. And I’m privileged to have the opportunity to share what I’m interested in and what my life outside of the office is like through the photos I’ve taken.