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Change Your Perception of Dentistry

On a rotating basis, Woodstock Dentistry highlights local artists and showcases their work.  Also, please be sure to visit our nature photography gallery.

Some of the pieces currently on display:

Artists Currently Showcased

Kari Meyer

Art is a form of communication that has a power beyond that of words. Through imagery, I portray the archetypal beauty that connects all things. The Japanese ideals of wabi-sabi inspire me. In wabi-sabi, concepts we normally view as negative become beautiful; loneliness, old age, and death are inevitable and represent the constant flux of the universe. My art addresses the movement of eternity, of coming from or returning to nothingness, urging the viewer to contemplate the relationship between themselves, nature, and the universe.

Kari Meyer was born in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. In 2000 she received her Associates degree in Multimedia and Graphic Design from Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont. In 2004 she received her BFA in Studio Art from The University of Vermont. She currently resides in Montpelier, Vermont where she paints from her home studio.

Robert Waldo Brunelle

I am interested in old houses, the remains of the Victorian world in our modern era, the passage of time, American “ernacular” architecture, blue collar life, county fairgrounds, daguerreotypes, antique books, colorful hot rod cars, the misery of the lonesome child, and the effects of light on various surfaces. I like rich and saturated colors. I am a “genre” painter, and a story teller, and I stubbornly cling to the 19th century notion that art should be narrative. However, I leave it to the viewer to fill in the details of the stories behind my paintings.

Shannon Morrison

Shannon Morrison found her passion for ceramics through a circuitous route. With a background in biology and botany, Shannon makes her a living as an ecologist, protecting natural resources in Vermont. She took a clay class in 2008 and has been hooked ever since. Her affiliation with the natural world informs her artistic expression. N3 Pottery was born out of a desire to share that affiliation, and to pursue the seemingly endless array of creative possibilities that clay presents.Shannon creates sgraffito decorated pottery that is wheel thrown white clay bodies overlain with colored slip or underglaze. The work is characterized by bold, graphic designs using simple harmonious color schemes of slip and glaze. The result is functional handmade art that you can hold, feel and use. N3 Pottery also has a line of wall-art that uses compilations of ceramic plates/boxes to convey the landscapes of Vermont. Shannon works out of her home studio in Moretown, Vermont.

William B. Hoyt

“There is a challenge and a joy in seeing something ineffably beautiful or moving and resolving to make a painting of it. The threads of the canvas, the sea, Vermont, family, friends, and Maine have woven themselves inextricably into my psyche and my work. Sometimes I go looking, often early in the morning before setting sail for the next harbor or toward the end of the day after we anchor and the harsh light softens. Other times a subject recommends itself unsolicitedwith the realization that a painting is staring me in the face. During the winter months I find things indoors that I want to paint and contrive arrangements. No matter the motivation or the circumstance, to me painting is a kind of meditation that helps me focus on the simple joy of rendering well a chosen subject.”


Peggy Kannenstine

Margaret Lampe Kannenstine is a visual artist who primarily works in acrylic. She is intensely involved with color, both in her paintings and her collages.

Marilyn Syme

Marilyn’s career in art has spanned 40 years with many awards and much recognition in national publications.

Frank Peabody

Frank Peabody III (b. 1934) is a 1956 graduate of Princeton University and spent most of his life as a busy executive in the professional services industry in Louisville, Kentucky, and later in New York. His talent as an artist did not emerge until after his retirement. Since then, he has aggressively studied and painted locally throughout Vermont, South Carolina, and in a wide range of locations from Burma to Corsica to Venice, throughout Italy, Spain, the South Pacific, and many places in between.

Frank’s inspiration comes from places he travels or the simple beauties he witnesses in nature. His landscapes, still lifes and figures are realistic, yet sometimes possess a humorous, loose quality that reflects his emotions. Other times they simply represent the serenity he experiences while creating. He finds peace in the contemplative process of painting and those around him find joy and wonder in the results.

Frank paints in watercolors constantly exploring new techniques to master this medium. He lives in Vermont in the summer months with his wife, Juliet, and they spend their winters in Charleston, South Carolina.

Gary Milek

For Vermont Artist Gary Milek painting has always been part of his life. As a child he knew that he wanted to be a professional artist. Born in 1941 into a farming family in Glastonbury, Connecticut, Gary has retained his farming roots. He now lives in Windsor, Vermont, where he and his wife, Sarah, a nationally known gardener and herbalist, established Cider Hill Gardens & Gallery.

Judy Dales

Judy Dales began quilting in 1970 while living in England. An article in a weekly sewing magazine caught her eye and she began hand stitching a Grandmothers Flower Garden quilt using the British method of paper piecing. This project was intended to be a baby quilt, but grew to be a king sized bed covering! Judy was delighted to discover that piecing bits of fabric together satisfied her love of color, fabric, geometry and design while keeping her nimble fingers busy.

Judy continues to exhibit and sell her work, but enjoys a more relaxed pace in her studio these days. The beauty of her surroundings and the peacefulness of the rural setting have permeated her newer work. She is currently working on a series of floral designs that appear to be realistic flowers but are really abstractions of a certain type of flower. The challenge for Judy is to incorporate the beauty around her into her work in a unique way.

Karen Henderson

Karen Henderson began her artistic life growing up in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. She first studied fine arts with an emphasis on printmaking, afterwards decided to pursue her own studies for a few years, focusing mainly on batik. This passion led Karen back to school to immerse in the study of textiles. She learned weaving and print design in the textile design program at Moore College of Art & Design in Philadelphia, PA. After graduating, Karen worked as a Textile Designer in the wallpaper industry, while in her spare time pursuing her personal artwork in fabric collage. Then an opportunity took her to the woods of northwestern New Jersey where she worked at Peters Valley running the craft center’s fiber departments. There, Karen was able to get back to a more serious studio practice for her wall art, while building her freelance textile/surface design business. Karen now lives with her partner, Jim (creative film/video guy) and their awesome cat Wallace in the beautiful Green Mountain state of Vermont.

Her artwork has been exhibited nationally in galleries and in juried shows such as The Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show among others. Karen’s pieces are included in the permanent art collections of The University of Vermont Medical Center (VT), Central Vermont Medical Center (VT), The Banner Ironwood Medical Center (AZ), and in numerous private collections. She has been published in several books and periodicals, including 1000 Artisan Textiles, The Guild Sourcebook of Residential Art #6, and in Fiberarts, Surface Design Journal, and Selvedge. Some of her work was used on the set of the Academy Award winning feature film “Black Swan”, as well as NBC’s TV series “Do No Harm”. More pieces are featured in the upcoming film, “Louder Than Bombs” starring Gabriel Byrne and Jessie Eisenberg. Her other creative work with surface pattern designs have been used to create wallpaper, fashion/apparel fabrics, gift wrap, and stationery. Her ‘Inside Out Studio’ wearable creations are finding happy homes all over the world via the Capital City Farmers’ Market in the small town of Montpelier.

Daryl Storrs

Daryl V. Storrs received a B.A. from Middlebury College in 1979. From 1980 -1982 she was assistant to Sabra Field in East Barnard, Vermont. In 1982 she enrolled as a graduate student at University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and gradu-ated in 1984 with a MFA in Printmaking.

In addition to her studies, Daryl taught figure drawing, woodcut, typography and monoprinting at Hampshire College. Daryl V. Storrs has been accepted into national print shows such as Hunterdon National Print Exhibition, Colorprint USA and Boston Printmakers. She was a resident in printmaking at the MacDowell Colony in Peterborough, New Hamp-shire. She received two Vermont Council on the Arts grants to teach print-making to students grades K-12. In 1985 she started “Daryl V. Storrs Artworks Ltd.”, wholesaling her litho-graphic jewelry and original prints to galleries and stores nationwide. Addi-tionally, she travels to numerous retail art and craft fairs throughout the northeast each year. Most recently Daryl has been making pastel land-scapes and multi-block woodcut prints. You may see her full range of art-work at

J. Ann Eldridge

As can be inferred from the subject matter of her prints, J. Ann Eldridge likes being outdoors. She grows a lot of her food and volunteers time on local land conservation efforts. It is through these pursuits that inspiration for her intaglio prints arises. Often simply called ‘etchings’, these limited edition prints are intricate studies executed in a very old medium. They are hand-drawn through a wax ground on a copper plate, etched, and printed on an unmotorized press. She learned these processes at the Massachusetts College of Art where she earned a BFA in Printmaking. She tears herself away sometimes to exhibit at retail shows in the Northeast. Her work can also be found through many of the League shops, the McGowan Gallery, and other outlets around New England.

Cynthia Emerlye

Cynthia has a distinctive style that is all her own. Her work is detailed and elegant, convoluted and richly feminine in nature, recalling the richly illuminated manuscripts of the Renaissance and the detail of William Morris. Her black and white florals are highly distinctive and have been adapted to many decorative and commercial uses. Her paintings and illustrations, utilizing a soft rainbow palette, incorporate symbols and mythic iconography into their dreamscapes.  Cynthia sells two lines of greeting cards as well as commissioned artwork and individual paintings from her home studio in Vermont.